Update: To the developer's surprise, Google has returned D-GLES to the Play Store. People who bought it in the past no longer need to send emails requesting updates, and those who have purchased the Amazon version will continue to get new releases going forward. The latest one adds support for Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

Developer: Kokak
Price: $1.99+

D-GLES Demo (Doom source port)
D-GLES Demo (Doom source port)
Developer: Kokak
Price: Free

Doom took the gaming world by storm in the early 90s, so when developer id Software open sourced the game's code later in the decade, fans of the groundbreaking first-person shooter rushed to port the title to whichever platforms they wished. Years down the road, this resulted in Doom-GLES for Android.

Gamers jumped at the chance to have a copy of Doom in their pocket at all times. Doom-GLES developer Kokak then went on to port other shooters to our mobile platform of choice. But in November of last year, Google removed Doom-GLES from the Play Store.

Google received a trademark complaint from ZeniMax, the owner of id Software. According to Kokak, the issue was over a shareware wad included in the app that the company says can't be replicated outside of the shareware version of the game. In response, Kokak replaced the offending piece of code, removed the Doom logo from the game's icon, and changed the name to D-GLES.

Unfortunately, Google's systems continue to automatically block this version of the game from returning to the Play Store. As a result, the Amazon Appstore is now your best bet for getting your hands on the latest version of D-GLES, which happens to include a number of graphical improvements, such as dynamic lighting, 3D monsters, realistic water, and enhanced particle effects.

The full experience goes for $2.50. Since Kokak doesn't want people to have to buy the game a second time, users can send an email with their Play Store order number and their device model (along with GPU, if known) to request the APK.

What's new:

  • Added support for x86 CPUs
  • Weapon display code rewritten (was invisible on ultra HD screens)
  • Changed the app icon and app name
  • Replaced embedded Doom Shareware by Freedoom + Requiem wad (32 levels)
  • Added Glow
  • Added Lensflares
  • Added Sun's GodRays
  • Added realtime shadows
  • Added unfiltered textures support
  • Added anamorphic lensflares
  • Added fresnel & specular in water effect
  • Most graphical options now available ingame

D-GLES on Amazon Appstore