I love JotterPad. I've said it before, but I thought I'd preface with this disclaimer and then convince you why you should love it too. I'm not in the business of coercing anyone, but I think we'd all be better off if we did more writing, be it regular note taking, prose, poetry, journaling, or anything that involves putting a series of words in an order that makes sense with a decent serving of imagery and correct grammar sprinkled on top.

If words are your passion too, then you'll be happy to know that JotterPad X dumped its Roman numeral and got a kick up to JotterPad 11. The Hindu-Arabic number isn't the only hint of modernism received by the app, as it got a complete makeover with a Material-inspired design. The slide-out menu overlays the entire screen, FABs are used to open a new document or to revert back to an earlier revision (now called "Snapshots"), the notes' thumbnails in list view went from a colored square to a colored circle, paper-like layering and animations are mixed in, and the app's iconography and elements have all been updated to fit with the new design. Most notably, for me, the Research window has been considerably stretched, so I can see more definitions and synonyms while looking something up.

Thankfully, the redesign didn't break what I loved about the old app (although you'd think otherwise if you saw some of the negative Play Store comments). Distraction-free writing is still JotterPad's main appeal, with local and Dropbox-stored .txt and .md documents, a night mode, various typography settings, word counts and statistics, Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, and Markdown support. The only annoying change I spotted was the move of the parent folder shortcut into the overflow menu. But at least the Back button now somewhat works, so you can still go back to the enclosing folder if that's where you came from. Also, it seems that there's a bug with this version when you try to create a new folder — the team is aware of that and working on a fix.

Putting aside the redesign, there's more to love in JotterPad 11. A new Typewriter mode highlights only the parts of the text that you are working on, CommonMark is used for MarkDown parsing, a rhyming dictionary has been added to the dictionary and thesaurus (so awesome blossom possum!), custom fonts are supported when creating a new typography style, and you can export your documents to .pdf, .rtf, and .docx. A few of these features require the Creative IAP, which seems to be a $6 purchase now, but most of the essential options remain free.

Here's a full changelog, with the items marked with a ^ signaling the features exclusive to Creative IAP users:

* New material look!
* New Markdown (CommonMark) parser^
* New Research: dict, thesaurus^ & rhyme^
* Added typewriter mode^
* "Versions" is now "Snapshots"
* New Typeface: Ideal Sans, PT Serif
* Allow custom fonts^
* Able to handle true italic
* Able to handle larger text file
* Added "Save as"
* Added more print options
* Export to RTF
* Export to DOCX^
* And many other minor bug fixes

JotterPad 11 is available for free on the Play Store for devices running Android 4.1 and above. If I've fulfilled my bet to convince you to start writing something, anything, you can find it at the link below.