With its latest feature, Feedly is going after Google. The company has introduced Power Search, an improvement to its searching mechanism that's reserved for pro accounts. It lets you search for content around the web that isn't saved in your feed without having to fire up a separate tab.

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Power search can pull up articles, podcasts, and videos alike. It displays the articles within the usual interface, effectively letting you read stories from outside your list of subscriptions as though you were already following them. And of course, it's easy to add any sites you find to your list. It ends up feeling like a natural extension of the service.

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In addition to dishing out content, Feedly lets you filter it down by author, title, popularity, and embed type (audio, video, or documents). Alternatively, you can search through your own collections or specific sites.

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While not as exhaustive as a Google search, Feedly's offering is quicker and easier to manage. It's far too soon to think of it as a replacement, but it's not a bad supplement for people with paid accounts. The feature is available right away on both the web and Android devices.

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Feedly is aiming the service at content creators, marketers, researchers, and other folks who need to browse the web more intensively than your average user. You might as well add android enthusiasts and general tech geeks to the list as well. Have at the feature through the link below.

Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Developer: Feedly Team
Price: Free+

Source: Feedly blog