When we first heard about the Skiva PowerFlow OctoFire, Bertel called it the Bugatti Veyron of USB hubs. With 8 ports that are all capable of going up to 2.1A of output and a total of 84 Watts, the OctoFire doesn't skimp on power. You could plug 8 Nexus 9s simultaneously and they should all charge as fast as if you were using a regular wall charger with no limit on the allocation of wattage to each port. You could also charge your phone, your tablet, your Wear watch, your Bluetooth earphones, and still have 4 ports to spare for your family/coworkers/roommates.


The OctoFire's MSRP is $120, but both Amazon and BiteMyApple usually sell it for $80. Today however, you can grab an even bigger discount on the charger, thanks to Touch Of Modern. It is going for $54.99 on the site, with the deal lasting until January 31st at 12pm PST. While that's $25 off Amazon's price (and a nice 31% discount), remember that you'll have to factor $8 to $10 in shipping charges to the US on ToM and that delivery will take 3 to 4 weeks as opposed to Amazon's faster free Prime shipping.

If the deal no longer seems as appealing, you can take another $10 off if this is your first ToM purchase by signing up with this referral link (it's the only way we can share the discount code). $45 is not a bad price for a charger that could definitively solve all power arguments in your household or office.

Skiva PowerFlow OctoFire on Touch Of Modern