Samsung's Pro series tablets are getting a little long in the tooth these days, but it's hard to pass on the deal being offered at Groupon today. You can get a refurbished Tab Pro for as little as $174.99, but you have mere hours to decide.

2015-01-27 14_49_38-Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 16GB or 32GB Tablet _ Groupon

The deal being offered was originally for the 8.4, 10.1, and 12.2-inch variants of the Tab Pro, but the 10.1 has since sold out. The 8.4 is going for the downright reasonable price of $174.99. This device isn't sold new in many places anymore, but other refurbished units often go for $50-60 more. The 12.2 is $359.99, which is still a good bit cheaper than new units (it still sells for about $500).

The deal only runs for another nine hours or until supplies are gone. These are refurbs, so there's only a 90 day warranty. Groupon does offer free returns if something isn't right, though.