T-Mobile likes to do stuff to make other carriers look bad, then John Legere likes to talk about how it makes the other carriers look bad. I like this. In fact, if T-Mobile's coverage wasn't so awful, I might even switch. Today, the company launched another thing to make other carriers look bad, called "SCORE!" This new program aims to help users save money on new phones, because everyone hates to pay full price.

Basically, T-Mo customers can pay $5 a month to join SCORE!. After six months, they're eligible to get a free entry-level smartphone, like the Alcatel ONETOUCH Evolve 2 (that name lol). If users are able to hold off for 12 months, they're offered even deeper discounts on all T-Mobile smartphones. The example given in the press release is $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S5, which really isn't too bad - that's a $150 return on a $60 investment. I wish I could trade all of my $60 increments for $150 increments. I would have a lot more dollars.

Here's the cool part (I mean, the whole thing is kinda cool, so I guess this is the cooler part? Or another cool part? Whatever): this program is also available to customers on T-Mo's Simply Prepaid plans. So, basically everyone who plays for Team Magenta can save some dollars on new phones. Not bad, Legere. Not bad.

I couldn't find a good image for this post, so here's a picture of Legere in a banana peel.


Image via Businessweek