It's been a few years since a Need for Speed game popped up on Android, but EA announced last year that NFS: No Limits would arrive this spring. The game has already launched on iOS in a few regions, and the early reports indicate EA is up to its same old in-app purchase tricks. Actually, it's maybe even a little worse. No Limits will charge you to fill up the tank, which is funny because that sounds like a limit. Can't be, though. The game is called "no limits."


EA will basically be employing the always fantastic wait or pay mechanic in the new Need for Speed. You can either wait for a certain amount of time, or pay to fill up your tank immediately and keep racing. Each race uses up a certain amount of your fuel. It's like the ambiguous energy level used by some games, but employing the gasoline metaphor we're all accustomed to from real life.


The IAPs won't stop there. EA will have multiple currencies in the game too. The more rare will be gold, which is used for "premium" transactions. You will be able to buy it for cash money, then use it to fill your tank, upgrade you car, and so on. None of this should come as a surprise. It's EA, and EA loves in-app purchases to the point it will happily break a game to insert them.

[MobiFlip, @Bullubu — Thanks, Philipp Christodoulou]