The idea of supplementing mobile data with a more reliable Wi-Fi connection is nothing new, but now cable provider Cablevision wants to make it users' primary source for their mobile needs. The company announced its new mobile plan, called Freewheel, that essentially omits a dedicated mobile connection altogether and relies exclusively on Wi-Fi to provide service. As a result, it's far more affordable - $30 a month for "regular" customers, or just $10 a month for Cablevision's Optimum Online customers. Not bad.

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The service will offer unlimited talk, text, and data (of course) and will be available exclusively on the first generation Moto G, which the company will sell direct for $99. Naturally, a plan like this has its drawbacks, like the lack of any sort of usable service when away from a Wi-Fi signal - like in the car, for example. If that's something you feel like you can live with, Freewheel will be available beginning next month.

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