I asked you back in 2013 which streaming music service you paid for - if any - and now a little over a year later, I think it's time for an update. Last time we held this poll, a full 50% of respondents indicated they paid for Google Play Music All Access (at least, it was the paid service they used most), with a sharp drop-off for Spotify, in second place at 14%. The next most popular option was, unsurprisingly, local media, with locker services like Amazon, Play Music sans All Access, and Subsonic next in line.


So, I'm going to try to keep the options basically the same again this time around, though obviously Play Music All Access now also includes YouTube Music Key, and Amazon includes Prime Music as part of Amazon Prime.

Since many of us likely pay for more than one service, technically speaking (I primarily use Spotify for streaming, even though I have Prime Music, too), I want to preface this poll with the same note as the last time: choose the streaming service you use most on your Android device. If you do not subscribe to a streaming service, or you do subscribe and don't use it (Prime Music, for example), then choose the most applicable option.

There are a ton of options for this poll, too, so read carefully.

Do you pay for a subscription music service? Which one do you use the most?

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