There are immeasurable options for portable Bluetooth speakers these days, but if you want big sound without saying goodbye to audio fidelity, you're going to have to spend some considerable cash. Case in point: the Jawbone BIG JAMBOX, though very well-received by reviewers, is outside of most consumers' accessory budget at $300. Today you can take a big chunk of that off thanks to Best Buy, which is selling the stylish speaker for $199.99.


That's a solid $50 cheaper than we've seen from other retailers, and Best Buy offers free shipping or store pickup. Naturally this is a US-only deal, and there's probably nowhere that you can hide from sales tax. You do need to move relatively quickly, as this is Best Buy's daily deal and will only be good for Saturday. All four colors, "graphite," silver, red, and blue, are eligible for the discount.

If you haven't seen it in person, the "BIG" JAMBOX isn't quite as big as you might think, at 3.7x3.1x10.1 inches. It includes twin stereo speakers with a dual bass radiator, a built-in microphone for Bluetooth speaker functionality, and firmware updates are available wirelessly via the official Jawbone app. Jawbone quotes 15 hours of music playback, but there is no USB port to give your smartphone a boost like in similar speakers.

Source: Best Buy