There's a v2.0 update to the Spotify app today, and it brings a few new features. It's maybe not as significant as you might expect from a v2.0 revision, but you're still looking at solid improvements. No, Chromecast support is not one of them. Sorry.


Here's the changelog, with a grand total of two items.

  • New: Audio notifications on your phone won't stop the music.
  • Improved: Zippier app startup, even with a poor connection.

So there's now a feature that will keep music playing when you get a notification, which might be quite handy. Other apps pause the track and play a notification sound when messages are received. Kind of jarring, right? Spotify should also start up faster now, especially when you have a poor connection to the internet.

You can listen to any content you want for free through the app (with ads), so go ahead and give the new stuff a shot.