Republic Wireless' hybrid WiFi-cellular calling system requires a number of changes to the firmware of phones, so updates tend to take a little longer. Case in point, The Moto G and Moto E are about to get Android 4.4.4 on Republic, but the Moto X is delayed a bit longer.


According to Republic's blog, the Moto E and G updates should be available to all users within a week or so. The Moto X (1st gen), on the other hand, has been pushed back a few weeks. Republic did a soak test recently and the Moto X update had some issues. It's being tweaked and re-certified as we speak.

The Moto X update should be out next month, but that's still only 4.4.4. Motorola still hasn't issued a Lollipop update for the regular 1st gen Moto X. It'll probably be a while before that filters down to Republic Wireless.

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