Those of you with an Amazon Prime account also have a stockpile of music open to you through the company's half-a-year-old streaming service, and with version 4.3 of the Android app, the retailer is making those tracks easier to access.

Instead of browsing through the company's virtual store shelves and adding albums to your library as though you were buying them, you can just browse through a separate Prime Music section. When you click on a song there, it simply starts playing. No fuss. But if you do want to add an artist's work to your personal library, the option is still there. Amazon says it has improved the search experience too, with queries yielding more thorough results.

Music1 Music3 Music2


This release opens up the app to the OnePlus One, so if that handset happens to be your daily driver and you happen to have an Amazon Prime account, there you go. Here's the changelog.

What's New
  • Created a shiny new section just for Prime Music. It is now easier than ever to fill your library with new music. Load up!
  • Prime Music: Now you can play songs, albums, and Prime Playlists without needing to add it to your library
  • Prime Music: Finding the music you’ll love is now easier than ever with better search, filters, and more!
  • Added support for OnePlus One devices
  • We’re also kicking off the year with a lot fewer bugs! Let’s make the 2015 the best year ever

Amazon Music
Amazon Music
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