There have been rumors in recent weeks that Qualcomm's new 64-bit Snapdragon 810 was running so hot that OEMs were considering different chips. There was even a report from Bloomberg yesterday that claimed Samsung had decided not to use the 810 in any of the Galaxy S6 variants. Now LG is chiming in to pour some cold water on such speculation. LG's vice president for mobile product planning says there's no problem with the 810.


According to Woo Ram-chan at LG, tests on the company's upcoming LG G Flex 2 show the Snapdragon 810 is producing less heat than comparable chips. He calls its performance, "quite satisfactory." That's high praise from a Korean businessman. Previous rumors claimed Samsung was planning to use a new Exynos chip in all versions of the GS6 because of the overheating issue.

So what are we to make of this? LG says the chip is fine, and is going to use it in a phone that goes on sale in a few days (in South Korea). If there is a problem, everyone is going to know in a few days, so why lie? It's possible the Snapdragon 810 did have overheating issues in the past, but production-ready hardware is fine. Whatever the case, it's looking less likely Samsung and other OEMs are going to be passing on Qualcomm's new ARM chip.