Imagine the horror: one minute, you think you're finally getting Lollipop on your phone, the next your phone is soft bricked. That's the reality for owners of the 2014 Moto X on Canada's WIND Mobile, according to a flurry of reports on Reddit and elsewhere. At this point, the only surefire recourse seems to be bringing the phone to WIND to get it sent away for repair.

So far, no solutions attempted by affected users have fixed the problem. It is possible to get to the bootloader and recovery, but even a factory reset there does not help. The update seems to have altered the firmware for the WiFi and mobile radios, making them useless even after the reset. One user attempted to re-flash the KitKat factory image without success.

WIND has been directing customers to their warranty centers for assistance. At this point, I cannot locate anyone who has had their issue resolved. WIND seems to be placing blame on Motorola, but this seems like the very reason that we tolerate the fact that carriers get to have one last look at OTA updates before sending them out. For non-Canadians, WIND is not a fly-by-night company; they are the fourth largest carrier in Canada, by subscribers, despite launching in late 2009.

Also, WIND's customer service just sent this out to a complaining Moto X owner, breaking from their usual "go to a warranty center" routine:

And another:

We'll keep you posted as WIND elaborates on what they are going to do. They may be trying to stop the inevitable mob of customers going to their brick-and-mortar locations before knowing how to help them.

For now, regardless of whose fault it is, this is a screw-up of epic proportions. Bugs are one thing. Slow updates are another. Bricking phones with a botched update isn't even in the same stratosphere. This will be a headache for their technical support team, assuming they will be able to put stable software on affected devices.

Oh, and if it isn't clear, do not install the update if you have a 2014 Moto X on WIND Mobile!

Source: Reddit

Thanks Jesse Halls!