Users of the enhanced WhatsApp client, known fittingly as WhatsApp+ were quite rightly annoyed yesterday when the Facebook-owned company started temp-banning them from the service for using the third-party app. At the time it was unclear if WhatsApp+ would be able to find a way around the block or if it was curtains. Now we know—it's over.


According to the official G+ community for WhatsApp+, Facebook/WhatsApp sent a cease and desist compelling the developers to unpublish the app. Rather than continue to tempt fate, the app is being pulled. There will be no more support or development, but that's really the only decision that makes sense.

It doesn't matter if the developers wanted to risk it, the users would pay the price. We know from yesterday's heavy-handed banhammer action that WhatsApp has no qualms cutting people off for using the wrong app. Yes, it's ridiculous, but WhatsApp holds all the cards.