Asana is a popular collaboration tool that keeps members of a team in contact without scattering conversations around in emails, text messages, and so on. The problem until now has been that the app was horrendously clunky and unpleasant. It was actually just a web wrapper—but no more. Asana v3.0 is a native app, and it's all material and whatnot.

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Here's a changelog for v3.0, but it's basically a new app.

  • Entirely native app
  • Improved performance for faster access to your team’s work and conversations
  • Simplified navigation
  • Quick Add button to add tasks from anywhere in the app
  • Swipe right gesture to complete tasks
  • Support for commenting, editing tasks, and inbox notifications
  • Drag and drop to reorder tasks in a project

The app has Google sign-in if you want to make an account and quickly take a look. Simply create a project and invite members from your contacts. It keeps track of tasks, tracks progress, and allows you to delegate to other team members. It's not only for business, but I suspect that's the main use case.

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The Asana android app syncs with the web version so you can access your conversations and to-dos anywhere. On your phone you have a proper action bar, a FAB, and lots of animations. The navigation menu isn't standard, but I can forgive that. There are some screens of the old version below if you're curious.

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Asana: Your work manager
Asana: Your work manager
Developer: Asana, Inc.
Price: Free