With all the limited promotions, holiday sales, and convoluted pre-order schemes, you'd think that OnePlus would get it freakin' over with and just sell the flagship One phone directly to consumers already. And they will... for just one day. Considerably less than one day, in fact, since the promotion will actually only be available for two hours, 7-9PM Eastern Standard Time. That's in North America - in Europe it will go on sale at 7-9PM Greenwich Mean Time, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan it goes on sale from 7-9PM Hong Kong Time (presumably tomorrow, since it's already passed for the 20th).


If OnePlus keeps to its pattern, the prices should be the same as they ever were: $299 USD for the white 16GB model and a modest $349 for the black 64GB option. As always with OnePlus, supplies will probably be quite limited, so the sooner you get into the site to get your order in the better chance you'll have of actually getting a phone. OnePlus seems to be somewhat confused in its countdown; though I'm accessing the site from a US IP address, the ticking clock seems to be counting down the time until the European sale begins.

Whatever our reservations on OnePlus' continuing and frustrating business model, we can't deny that the hardware is solid and a good deal at those prices. Though the 5.5-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 13 MP camera aren't quite enough to beat all comers more than half a year after its release, it's still a very solid option, with or without the included CyanogenMod 11S build. At least one AP regular uses it as his daily driver.

Source: OnePlus via Google+