Xperia Z3 Tablet owners with a custom ROM addiction may be happy to know that CyanogenMod now has the hook up. If you're excited by this news, you can head over to CyanogenMod's crib, knock on the door, and ask for scorpion_windy. Just be careful. Scorpion_windy might not be in the mood.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 at 3.43.08 PM

On your way out, tell any DROID Maxx owners you know that CyanogenMod may have someone in the back working on obake again, because there are two freshly zipped files currently up for grabs. Maxx owners were put through withdrawal last September when CyanogenMod announced that it no longer had a maintainer, but it seems like things have changed.

The current nightly experience might be stable, and it might not, but as you already know, that's the risk you take whenever you decide to start flashing things.

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