The HTC One M8 on AT&T is getting an update starting today, and it makes a few significant changes. What it doesn't do is bring Lollipop to the device—it's 4.4.4. The wait for Lollipop shall continue, I'm afraid.


Here's the full changelog.

  • Enables HD Voice
  • Updates Android OS to Android 4.4.4
    • Security enhancement
    • Bluetooth enhancement
  • Adds AMBS Cloud Messaging Integration
  • Adds Copy and Paste camera feature
  • Adds Usage Manager App
  • Improves battery performance
  • Updates AT&T Ready2Go
  • Updates Visual Voicemail

The HD voice functionality is probably the most important part of the update. Calling someone else on AT&T with a compatible phone should result in much improved quality. The battery life enhancements are nice too. As of the last update, the M8 was on 4.4.3, so this is the smallest jump possible while still changing the version number.

The update will roll out over the next few days, you can also go into the update menu and try to trigger it manually. AT&T seems to think that will work. Also be aware these updates are mandatory on AT&T. If you postpone too many times, the phone just updates anyway.