Accessing voice mail has traditionally been a pain, and while visual voice mail takes much of the aggravation away, it seems many of the supplied apps are designed to capture the essence of the mundane experience and inject it directly into our eyes. To continue the trend, Motorola has added a Visual Voice Mail app to the Play Store that looks about as exciting as a confirmation dialogue.


The app adheres to material design enough not to make a device running stock Lollipop wince, but with awkward spacing and little in the way of color, it could be better.

Who cares about looks, as long as it works? That's a valid point. Unfortunately the app is incompatible with all of the Moto Xs (both 2013 and 2014) that the AP staff has on hand. We suspect this may be a Verizon-only app, due to the red icon and the mention of Premium Visual Voice Mail in one of the provided screens. Let us know if your luck is any different.