Most portable external batteries make it easy to charge up a phone or tablet when your power runs low, but what about a computer? The ChargeAll can do both, and it has really excellent reviews on Amazon. The only problem is the price, but TouchOfModern has the ChargeAll heavily discounted if you don't mind waiting.

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The ChargeAll comes in 12,000 and 18,000mAh capacities. The smaller has one USB port and one AC outlet (North American standard). The larger of the two has a second USB port. While the outlet is North American, you also get a universal adapter with it for use abroad.

The smaller battery is usually $269.95 on Amazon, but Touch of Modern has it for $169.99 (white) and $189.99 (black). The larger ones are $219.99 for both colors, down from $299.95. It's a good deal if you need giant batteries for all your electronics. In addition, ToM is offering a $15 gift card for every $100 spent today (MLK day in the US). Note that shipping might take a few weeks, though. Also, you need to sign up for ToM to actually see the deal. You can get another $10 off if you use this link to join (it's a referral link, but that's the only way we can share the $10 discount).

[Touch of Modern]