There's something magical about trading places with game developers, getting to apply your own creativity to produce levels that put all others to shame (and preferably without having to know a single line of code). LittleBigPlanet has provided this thrill on PlayStation platforms for years, letting players create their own two-dimensional stages and share them with others. Mario Maker will give Mushroom Kingdom lovers their own chance to thwart their favorite plumber's efforts to rescue Princess Peach.

In Adventure Time Game Wizard, you can create side-scrolling levels from the comfort of an Android phone or tablet. The tools are in place to spawn challenging stages all on-screen, but more dedicated types can draw out levels on graph paper and scan them into the app using the camera. Presumably, anyway (let us know your experience in the comments).

Adventure-Draw Adventure-Scan


You are welcome to share your creations with others in the arcade, where you can dive into the worlds your Adventure Time Game Wizard-playing colleagues have brought to life. Or you can stick to the single player stages available in Adventure Mode. In addition to protagonists Finn and Jake, you can play as BMO, Ice King, and Flame Princess.

Regardless of which aspect appeals to you, the experience goes for $4.99, and there are no in-app purchases.

Adventure Time Game Wizard
Adventure Time Game Wizard