Micromax's Yureka phone for the Indian market has been the center of quite a bit of controversy in the more passionate parts of the Android community, thanks to its official build of the CyanogenMod custom ROM. But if you happen to own one, said controversy probably isn't as important to you as the phone's ability to be tinkered with. So if you're ready to try another ROM on the Yureka, here's an official build of the Team Win Recovery Project to enable your tinkering.


TWRP is a custom recovery that facilitates manually flashing new ROMs, root managers, over-the-air updates, or any number of other ZIP packages and modifications, and it can also backup and restore your phone's software with relative ease. Because the Yu Yureka (yes, the phone family is "Yu" and the model is "Yureka" - it's like calling a car a Chevy Chevrolet) is easy to unlock at the bootloader level, flashing this or any other recovery package is a snap if you know your way around the ADB and Fastboot desktop tools. Actually using the custom recovery is also easy now that everything is touch-based. Getting into the Fastboot menu on the Yureka is a little weird: you have to turn the phone off, then hold the Volume Up button and connect a USB cable at the same time. 

If you own the Yureka and you've already rooted your phone some other way, you can use the official TWRP Play Store app to download and flash the package directly from Android. Modder protip: it's a pretty good idea to keep a backup of your unmodified software handy before you try anything else. CyanogenMod hasn't posted a full ROM for the phone yet (oddly codenamed "Tomato") but you can use TWRP to backup your current software, apps, and settings.

Source: TWRP