About a year and a half ago when David Ruddock reviewed JBL's Charge portable speaker, he came away with an excellent impression, with the only caveat being that it might be a little too pricey. That problem has been alleviated by Amazon, at least for today: the online retailer has given the Charge a $60 price drop on the Gold Box deal portal. That's a great price, but it also means that the discount is available for one day only.


Amazon lists the retail price of the Charge at $169.95. That's a little ambitious: JBL says the Charge is $150, so Amazon's discount to $89.99 isn't quite as dramatic as the listing would have you believe. Also, the $90 special price is only available for the black, blue, and green models, with the two-tone grey model strangely marked up to a full $100. As with all Gold Box deals, the speaker is eligible for free two-day shipping to Amazon Prime subscribers.

The Charge uses two 5-watt amplifiers, two 1.625-inch drivers, and a bass port for some extra oomph compared to similarly small speakers. Its omni-directional design allows for room-filling sound, and the 6000mAh battery can play music via a standard line-in or Bluetooth while giving your phone a boost at the same time. The JBL Charge has since been upstaged by the slightly larger Charge 2, $150 (with the same battery), and the JBL Pulse, which foregoes the gadget charging ability for a fancy LED light show, $200.

Source: Amazon Gold Box