The original Gunslugs' mix of bullet-filled, NES-inspired, platforming nostalgia attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads. Now, two years to the day since we covered the original release, developer OrangePixel is back with a sequel, the creatively named Gunslugs 2.

In Gunslugs 2, the Black Duck Army returns to take over the world in an adventure that may be as impacted by 80's action films as video games of yesteryear. In both cases, the moral is the same—there's no such thing as an evil plan that can't be overcome by overwhelming quantities of hot lead.

The sequel supplies gamers with seven worlds divided into eight levels each. The randomly generated environments make a return appearance, keeping playthroughs fresh. And in true old-school fashion, challenging bosses await you at the end of levels.

Gunslugs2-1 Gunslugs2-2 Gunslugs2-3


The full game goes for $3.15, and the lack of in-app purchases only adds to the nostalgia. The action may be faster and the visuals smoother than anything the NES could handle, but that only goes to show that many gamers just can't get enough of that old-school pixel art.

Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Developer: OrangePixel
Price: $3.49