A couple months back Motorola announced that Moto 360 straps made in partnership with DODOcase, the makers of some rather impressive premium cases, were on the way. Now they're here. The accessory is available for purchase over at Motorola.com.

Like anything concerning the Moto 360, DODO leather bands don't come cheap. These wrist holders will set you back $59.99 a pop.

Screenshot 2015-01-16 at 2.55.58 PM

The DODO strap is available in four colors: blue, green, red, and tan. There are no black or gray bands here, probably because they would look too similar to the Moto 360's existing leather straps (which go for $29.99) to be necessary. Each color comes in at the same price.

The TYLT silicone bands Motorola mentioned in the same blog post are still listed as coming soon. So for now, your options are limited to leather and metal ($79.99).

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You can pick up a DODO leather band or two at the link below.

Moto 360 DODO leather bands at Motorola.com