With Logitech Harmony, people can control a large number of devices spread throughout their houses from a single remote or Android device. These various electronics, ranging from home entertainment systems to smart light bulbs, all communicate to a single hub.

Now Logitech is launching the Harmony API for third-party developers, so products that communicate with its system can then go on to interact with other ones.

To paint a picture of how this works, imagine the lights dimming automatically when you start a movie, having music start playing when you enter the room, or turning on the TV with a simple command. The Harmony API—able to response to input via touch, voice, gesture, and presence—provides developers with more ways to let users interact with their products.

Out of the gate, the company is working with IFTTT, ivee, Myo, Playtabase, SmartThings, and Ubi.


Logitech intends to announce new partners in the future, but until then, interested folk can request access at the provided developer website.

Price: Free

Source: Logitech blog