The CloudMagic Android app is capable of managing multiple email accounts from a single location, and by indexing your messages on its servers, it can provide significantly faster search results than much of the competition. The experience is free, but now the company has unveiled how it plans to make money going forward—by encouraging power users to sign up for a pro account.


Premium plans unlock features that will not be provided in the free version, such as support for unlimited accounts, syncing preferences across devices, downloading attachments in the background, and remotely wiping your data.

CloudMagic has priced its pro plan at $4.99 a month, but as usual, people who are looking for a longer commitment can save $15 over the course of a year by spending $44.99 upfront instead. The choice is yours, and if you decide to stick with the free plan, the company wants you to know that it will still "love you either way." How sweet.

What's new:

Introducing CloudMagic Pro as an optional In-App purchase ($4.99/month)
  • Add unlimited email accounts
  • Setup email accounts once and login on another device to have everything ready
  • Preferences sync’d across devices
  • Download attachments in background
  • Remote wipe your data if you lose your phone/tablet
  • Priority support

For more information on the CloudMagic app, take a look at our hands-on.

Source: CloudMagic blog