Update: Oppo N3 owners can now fire up TWRP as well. A recovery image for the device has appeared over on the site, where it awaits your fastbooting commands.

So you've never heard of the Team Win Recovery Project? Then you probably haven't been flashing many custom ROMs to your Android devices. This custom recovery, affectionately known as TWRP, is a favorite among enthusiasts for doing precisely that. Now version 2.8.4 has rolled out, bringing with it the kind of improvements that will only appeal to people who like to get their hands dirty.

With the latest release, you can flash boot and recovery images through the graphical interface by navigating to the Install page and hitting the Images button. Most of other changes are bugfixes and improvements, but people using TWRP on a smartwatch may appreciate the option to use the power button to go back.

That last feature arrived just in time for the custom recovery to come to the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R. If you're having a hard time picturing TWRP on something so small, we have a video of the software running on an LG G Watch. It won't look the same on a circular display, but without applying a theme, TWRP isn't much of a looker on anything anyway. Fortunately, that doesn't really matter.

What's new:

  • MTP fixes and improvements - you can now copy zips to the root of storage - thanks to _that
  • Add flashing of boot and recovery images via the TWRP GUI (Find the Images button on the Install page)
  • Fix some MTP related crashes and bugs
  • Eliminate TWRP toggling USB IDs during boot if MTP is enabled
  • Fix various adb sideload issues
  • Improve threading of actions
  • Eliminate separate thread for screen timeout
  • Update libblkid to 2.25.0
  • Use power button as back button on watch themes for easier navigation
  • Add mutex locking to data manager
  • Improve custom theme handling on encrypted devices
  • Allow the stock theme to be offset by build flags so we can center a lower res theme on a higher res screen especially for watches with round screens

To get going, download the correct build for your device and flash it using fastboot from a desktop or laptop. If you own a circular Android Wear device, you can find the files you need at the links below.

Sources: TWRP Changelog, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Oppo N3