If you haven't heard, Project Ara is coming. No, I don't mean that in the vague it's being worked on sense. It's actually on its way to Puerto Rico in the form of a market pilot sometime later this year. Google announced the news at the second annual Project Ara Module Developers Conference currently underway.


Google selected Puerto Rico due to the research opportunities the location provides. Mobile users there are as likely to use a feature phone as a smartphone, and they have a varied selection of carriers to choose from, ranging from big US carriers to smaller local options. As a US territory, it still has to tend with FCC regulations.

Most of us don't live in Puerto Rico. It's a small cluster of islands, all of which would buckle under the weight of so many nerds. But that doesn't mean we don't kind of wish we could live there in time to get our hands on some of the hardware shown off in the latest trailer.


In the video, we see a camera, battery, speaker, and night vision module all plugged into a prototype's frame. Yes, night vision. Whether or not this feature is actually in development isn't the point. It's cool. In actuality, watching the broken screen at the end swapped out for a new one is much more appealing. Realistically, the jury's still out on whether reality will resemble anything remotely like what we see above. Considering all the variables, there's plenty of reason for doubt.

A live stream of the conference is available, so the more interested and dedicated among you can watch developer types talk about Project Ara in detail below.