Update: With the Google Classroom mobile app, teachers and students get some features that aren't available on a traditional computer. For starters, they can use their phone cameras to take photos and attach them directly to assignments.

There's also the option to attach PDFs, web pages, and files from other apps.

Changes have rolled in on the desktop side of things as well, such as the ability to archive assignments and a new teacher assignments page.


For more information, check out Google's announcement.

Google Classroom can help teachers and students better communicate with one another, or at least, that's the idea. The app, newly available in the Play Store for anyone with a Google Apps for Education account, assists instructors in organizing their classes and collecting assignments. Students, in turn, can use the software to see which work is due and get started right away.

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Features that help one end of the chain also benefit the other. Teachers can easily make copies of documents, which then makes it easier for each student to get their hands on assignments. Files are stored in Google Drive folders created specifically for this purpose.

Students and teachers alike can communicate with classmates, and since instructors can follow each pupil's progress in real-time, it helps them to provide better feedback. Teachers can also use Google Classroom to make announcements, and everything should be pretty straightforward to set up.

The app doesn't contain any ads and is free for schools to use. Hit the link below to get started.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free