Flight combat games have a long and storied history in gaming, but most of these titles on mobile have vastly simplified control schemes. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders doesn't sell itself short, though. This is a true simulator-style flight combat game with multiple control schemes and tons of planes.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders features a large fleet of WWII era planes and missions set around the world at famous battles from Pearl Harbor to Midway. There's a full tutorial to help you get used to the controls, but there are several different control schemes from full pitch/roll/yaw control to a more arcade feel. There's also optional auto-aim, which frankly, you might want to turn on if you want to finish a level in any kind of reasonable amount of time.

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The graphics look solid in the new Sky Gamblers as well. Appreantly this title makes use of a number of high-end post-processing effects like 4x anisotropic filtering, HDR lighting, and radial blur. If you want to see how good it looks in person, it'll cost you $0.99. You may be thinking that's quite cheap, and you'd be right. There are limited in-app purchases. There's no currency, so don't panic. All the real money transactions are for unlocking new planes early and adding some extra customization. I don't see any issue with that.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Developer: Atypical Games
Price: $4.99+