Feeling unproductive? Maybe all you need is some apps to help you along. Perhaps you'll even want to buy a premium subscription to services you find particularly useful, but that adds up. For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to four solid services for $59.99 with the new Productivity Pack.


The Productivity Pack is a creation of LastPass, Pocket, Evernote, and Wunderlist. It includes subscriptions to the premium versions of all four services, which according to the Pocket blog, gets you the following.

  • Use Evernote Premium to collect the inspiration and ideas that will inform your work in 2015, while accessing notebooks offline, annotating PDFs, and more.
  • Tackle multiple to-do lists with Wunderlist Pro, giving you unlimited access to collaboration features so you can assign tasks to family, friends and coworkers.
  • Use LastPass Premium to generate and keep track of all your passwords, while kicking your security into high gear with multifactor authentication.
  • Keep the articles, videos and websites that interest you available at all times with Pocket Premium’s powerful organization, search, and Permanent Library features.

If you bought these subscriptions separately, they would cost you $185 per year—$45 for Pocket, $45 for Evernote, $50 for Wunderlist, and $12 for LastPass. If you already have a subscription to one or more of these, the promo code will grant you an additional year added to your remaining term. As a bonus, you also get an 8-week trial of The New York Times digital edition.

Codes must be redeemed by March 13, 2015, and the bundle itself will probably be gone long before that. There's no firm end date, but I imagine that will vary based on how well it sells.

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