Capital One might not have the best mobile banking app in the Play Store (in fact, it's among the worst), but someone there at least took notice of Level Money. This young startup has a great app and an interesting approach to managing money. Now Level is part of Capital One.

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Level Money is based around tracking your spending over time and generating daily, weekly, and monthly budgets. It shows you how much you can reasonably spend while still meeting your saving goals. It also includes analysis of trends, transaction lists, and other goodies. The app has some cool material elements and includes support for Android Wear. The Capital One app, by comparison, looks like something designed for iOS 5 and still has a legacy menu button of shame.

According to the blog post, Level Money will continue to exist as a separate app, at least for now. It can still be used with any compatible bank account, though I expect Capital One users will eventually find some extra features in Level. Let's hope some of the design sense at Level rubs off on Capital One.

Level Money
Level Money
Price: Free

[Level Blog]