If you're one of the few people in the US who wants a Chromecast for your living room and doesn't yet have one, you might want to check out this Best Buy sale. The already inexpensive dongle has been reduced to $29.99 ($5 off), and it comes with $20 of free Google Play Store credit. Assuming you'll eventually spend twenty bones on the Play Store (and I should hope any regular AP reader would), the effective price is a cool ten bucks.


The offer is in addition to Google's standard Chromecast promotional package, which currently includes 90 days of Google Play Music All Access, two months of Hulu Plus, a free copy of the original X-Men from Google Play, three months of DramaFever (an international soap opera app), and a free trial of EPIX. Most of them, including Best Buy's credit, require you to register your Chromecast with Google before January 31st. If you use even half of those, it's darn good value for money.

Best Buy's promotion is delivered via an email code, so it isn't visible on the web. The Chromecast comes with free shipping, but considering the retailer's ubiquitous presence in the US, I'm sure you'll have to pay a small amount of sales tax. Best Buy says that the free credit is for Google Play Movies, but since I've never seen Play Store credit assigned to a specific portion of the store, I'm going to assume you can use it for apps, books, music, IAP, and any other digital content you can find.

Source: Best Buy