Just a day after pushing Lollipop nightlies to over 30 devices for the first time, CyanogenMod has now added more devices to the fray: the gambit of Android One phones, the LG G3 D855 (international), and the Nexus 6. Android One devices, owing to the control over software and hardware that Google has in that program, share a single ROM under codename "sprout."


For now, the Android One builds are experimental. We have been told that nightlies will be on the way within days from now. Unofficial builds on XDA Developers are stable as it is, so there likely won't be too many problems getting things smoothed out for CyanogenMod.

Nexus 6, also known as shamu, receives its first official support as well. Owing to the fact it shipped with Lollipop, it was never going to go official until CyanogenMod 12 was released. The first nightly showed up just hours after the first round of Lollipop builds for other devices. While Nexus support would seem to be a cinch, there still aren't any CyanogenMod 12 builds for the Nexus 5 or Nexus 9. Update: Nexus 5 got CM12 today.

Another device to receive its first support is the LG G3 D855, which is the international unlocked version. The D850, the US AT&T model, recently saw official builds once its bootloader became unlockable. The first download for the D855 is a nightly, so it should be as stable (and unstable) as any other.

Update January 12th: Android One devices have moved from experimental to nightly status. According to CyanogenMod's blog post on the matter, there is no ETA on Lollipop builds for these devices, so they are on CM 11 for the time being. Also, the T-Mobile LG G3 (D851) has just received official support. Now, the AT&T (D850), T-Mobile, and international (D855) versions of the G3 have official CyanogenMod builds available.

To download, head to each device's page at CyanogenMod: