Falcon Pro was one of the first big Twitter clients to fall victim to the API token limits imposed by Twitter, eventually leading the developer to remove it from the Play Store. Now just a few weeks after announcing a material redesign of the app, here it is. Falcon Pro 3 is available in the Play Store with a (very) limited free trial and in-app purchases for the full version.

Most of the things you'd expect out of a Twitter client are here at launch. There's URL shortening, multiple columns, push notifications, and so on. The UI definitely has material animations and proper status bar color. However, there are no theme settings, so you're stuck with the dark look. In fact, there don't appear to be any settings at all... anyplace. The way Falcon Pro 3 works is, apparently, just the way it works right now. Also, no widgets or DMs. That makes me sad. I suppose the good news is that the background notifications in the old Falcon Pro were always awesome, so hopefully that will be the case here.

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Performance is solid on my devices, and I quite like the slide-out interactions list and the ability to post from multiple accounts simultaneously. If you want multiple accounts, though, it'll cost you. The free download only allows you to test the app with pre-defined lists. Adding your account requires a $3.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full app. Additional account slots are $1.99 each, but they transfer to all your devices. I'm fine with this setup—it seems like a good way to keep token usage from getting out of control.

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So it's here, and that's cool. Still, I feel like Falcon Pro 3 still has some growing to do, based on my short time testing it. By all means, give it a look. This could become a killer app very quickly.

Falcon Pro 3
Falcon Pro 3
Price: Free+