After a very short time in beta, QuickPic 4.0 is now in the process of going live. As we told you while it was being tested, this update brings a grab-bag of refinements and features. You may not notice much until you dig into your settings, but once you are there, the new theming ability will stick out the most. A variety of color schemes are available, which bring out the Material Design inspiration behind the interface.


If you have already been using QuickPic, you won't automatically be switched to any of the new color schemes. Look under Settings -> General -> Themes to choose from the selection you see in the image above.

The most notable additional feature beyond the theming is a new cloud backup ability. Simply head to the settings menu, then cloud backup, and finally tap the plus sign to add folders to be backed up with the cloud service of your choosing. The developers probably should have done a better job of making this feature more accessible/noticeable, but it's very forgivable. This is not to be confused with the existing function in which you can sync cloud-based photos to your QuickPic library.

Other improvements include:

  • Faster folder scanning
  • Google account login via Play Services
  • Photo Sphere support
  • Ability to sort folders by file size

While not all Play Store users will see the update right away, we have the hookup. Just download the APK file and install on your device.


File name: com.alensw.PicFolder-4.0-152-minAPI5.apk

Version: 4.0 (152) (Android 2.0+)

md5: 8621db1ac3747887c030bf2f5893419e