There are only so many ways you can make a game that features side-scrolling and shooting, but developer Nitrome seems to have found another one. In Gunbrick, you play a duck (or a chicken, or possibly just a blonde guy with jaundice, it's never really made clear) who buys and operates a Gunbrick. It's a brick with a gun in it, in case that wasn't obvious.

There are just two controls in Gunbrick: swipe to rotate one Gunbrick-length left or right, or tap to fire the gun mounted on the bottom. This allows you to move, float, destroy enemies, or smash through obstacles. The concept is simple, but the combination of fixed movement and the single-sided gun mechanic makes for some interesting puzzles. You'll have to figure out how to use them in concert to advance through the limited space in the stage and reach the single exit point. A gigantic Contra-style boss fight every now and then helps mix up the tempo.

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Graphics are pixelated and inspired by 16-bit classics, but well-executed nonetheless. Gunbrick is a premium $3 game with no in-app purchases. Check it out if you're desperate for something a little different or you enjoy the concept of ducks piloting cuboid killing machines. Whatever works.

Developer: Nitrome
Price: $2.49