The developer dashboard has been updated, and there's some big movement this month. In the post holiday window, KitKat is up a healthy 5.2% and Gingerbread drops another 1.3%. One thing you won't see on the chart is Lollipop. Android 5.0 still hasn't hit the 0.1% threshold to be included in the data, just like last month.

2015-01-07 11_20_00-Dashboards _ Android Developers

It's nice to see more movement this month, especially where Gingerbread is concerned. This ancient version of Android lacks many of the features developers need for apps to function correctly and the experience is light years behind newer versions. The increase in KitKat is probably thanks to some of those janky old pre-paid devices being replaced over the holidays with shiny new phones, most of which still come with 4.4.

As for Lollipop, it still hasn't made much of an impression on the overall Android ecosystem. Despite a few high-profile rollouts, it's running on less than 0.1% of active devices. At this point in KitKat's release cycle, it had reached the necessary level to be shown in the dashboard. It's important to remember we live in a bubble of sorts where everyone uses unlocked devices and Nexus phones with Lollipop. That's far from the reality of the Android ecosystem.

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