Sony, with the release of its Lifelog API today, is giving developers one more way to build apps and services around your quantified daily activities.

In a post to its developer site, Sony explains that the Lifelog API will - predictably - gather "lifestyle" data from the user (with consent) through sensors in a smartphone or wearable device. That data heads up to a data store that developers can access with endpoints including user profiles, activities, and location.

The user profile includes things like gender, height, weight, BMR, step length and running step length, while location provides position, accuracy and altitude. Activities includes everything from app usage to camera information, music playback, calories burned, sleep levels, and transportation. For an initial offering the data Sony can gather seems pretty robust, but Sony is still open for suggestions on future functionality.

Sony encourages interested developers to head to its Lifelog API pages to get started. Support engineers will also be monitoring StackOverflow for Lifelog API questions. Developers can tag their posts with "sony" or "sony-lifelog" to get attention.

Source: Sony