PasswordBox is a password manager that automatically enters your credentials into various websites and apps, not unlike LastPass. Last month the company was acquired by Intel Security, which is both absorbing the service and leaving it available in its current form for the time being. The PasswordBox team has been hard at work for its new boss, and at this year's CES, Intel Security announced True Key, built on top of the technology made available by the partnership.

True Key is a replacement for master passwords that secures your information by checking a combination of traits unique to you. This includes relying on aspects of facial recognition—think the distance between your eyes and nose—along with information such as the number of devices that you own. This will ideally empower you to move across devices and the web without being burdened by having to remember a single password.


PasswordBox users are already set to receive True Key once the feature goes stable, but people who want to play with things early can request an invite using a separate email from the one associated with their existing account.

Source: PasswordBox blog