Blue Spark Technologies has introduced a new wearable device at CES, but it's not a smart watch or a fitness band or even a VR headset. It's a single-use skin patch called TempTraq that connects to your Android (or iOS) phone to track body temperature.

Blue Spark pitches the patch to parents with sick progeny, though it could conceivably be used on or by anyone. The patch affixes to the body under the arm, and transmits temperature information over Bluetooth to its dedicated app.

TempTraq gives users the ability to set a specific temperature level "red zone," and uses colors to indicate where the subject's body temperature is at any given time. The app can also share temperature updates and track things like eating, drinking, and medicine dosing. If you've got a gaggle of sick kids, the app can also monitor multiple patches.

For now, Blue Spark notes that TempTraq is still in "FDA premarket review pending," so it's not available for sale just yet. Still, interested parties can sign up for email notifications on the TempTraq website.

Source: PR Newswire, TempTraq