Parrot usually arrives at CES with a swarm of consumer-oriented drone aircraft, but this year it's also showing off the RNB6. What is the RNB6? It's an in-dash head unit running its own version of Android 5.0, but it also has support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

To be completely clear, there are two different Android-related things going on here. The device itself runs a version of Android 5.0 developed by Parrot that has navigation, voice control, hands-free calling, music streaming, and more. In addition to that, you can plug in an Android device to take advantage of Android Auto the way Google intended on that 7-inch screen. If you or someone you love is ever saddled with an iPhone, the RNB6 does CarPlay too.


The Android software running this device (along with a plethora of connectors) can tie into various parts of the vehicle through OBD2 and ethernet. It can display real-time vehicle stats and connect to dash and backup cams. This contraption will be available in 2015 for an as-yet undetermined price.