It's entirely possible to find the nearest pizza restaurant using Google Maps. Or Yelp. Or even just searching in the browser of your choice. But why would you go to all that trouble when something like Pizza Compass exists? It's both a compass that uses pizza as its needle, and a compass that points you to pizza. It's deep, man. So deep it's overflowing with pepperoni and onions like a Chicago pie. I really wish I hadn't eaten before I started writing this post.

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What were we talking about? Oh yes, Pizza Compass. This app has exactly one function: it points you to pizza. Open it up and it will search for the five closest pizza places, then point you towards them. Swipe to the left if you don't like the first option, then repeat until you find a pizzeria you wish to bless with your custom. Of course it uses compass directions and an exact distance, "as the crow flies," so in a very real way it's actually less useful than Google Maps. But it has something that Google doesn't have: a pizza-themed compass for your Android Wear watch. Advantage: Pizza Compass.


Pizza Compass costs exactly one dollar (or 1/12th the cost of a decent Large with two toppings) with no in-app purchases.

Pizza Navigator
Pizza Navigator
Developer: JiaCorp
Price: Free