The folks behind QuickPic have released a beta that expands on the stable version's Material-inspired looks with a heaping dose of color, lets you automatically save local folders to the cloud, and adds in a number of other enhancements. We've made the download available at the bottom of this page. But first, here's what has changed.

What's New

Let's start with the themes. In addition to the default black and white look, users can turn the third-party gallery app's action bar anything from blue or green to red, purple, or yellow.

Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-32-07 Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-52-20 Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-52-40

You can find automatic cloud backup on QuickPic's settings page. There you can set photos to upload to the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and others. The app prompts you to select a local folder and a target area within the cloud service. It should then copy images saved in the former location over into the latter.

Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-36-26 Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-36-44 Screenshot_2015-01-02-09-58-49

The new features don't stop there. Here's the provided changelog:

  • Auto backup photos to cloud (in Settings)
  • Colorful themes for action bar
  • Support photo sphere
  • Google account login with Play Service
  • Sort folder by file size
  • Faster scanning folders

There's a Play Store beta channel for QuickPic, but the developers have opted to put the APK up for download manually "because many 'App store' grab the APK into their site as a release version, [and] it's very annoying."

In the end, this makes version 4.0 arguably more accessible. To get the goods, you only need to download the file below and install it on your device.


File name: com.alensw.PicFolder-4.0(Beta)-151-minAPI5.apk

Version: 4.0 (Beta) (Android 2.0+)

MD5: c7fb8c0d7ee750c153c1296091d5c6df

Source: Google+