I'm sorry, Logitech Revue fans: at this point it's impossible to deny that Google TV is irrelevant. That being the case, the folks at GTV Hacker, who have provided us with many a tool and exploit for Google-branded set-top boxes and other hardware, have decided to say goodbye to their old and somewhat targeted moniker. GTV Hacker is now Exploitee.rs... because really good URLs are basically hard to find. (It's a play on "exploiters.")


The official blog post announcing the change points out that the team has released exploits for over 40 devices in four years, only 1/3rd of which have actually been for Google TV. So it's a little bit like an Android blog that has expanded its purview to things like Chrome and Google services and smartwatches calling itself, oh I dunno, Android Police or something.

All of the old content from GTV Hacker will remain available in archived form on Exploitee.rs, and the team intends to continue their noble work of fiddling around with gadgets and giving people ways to do cool stuff with them. In addition, they'll be selling some custom electronics hardware, presumably to better enable said fiddling.

Source: Exploitee.rs