It seems like every holiday Amazon comes back with another handful of paid apps to give away for free. It's New Year's Eve in most of the world, so here's the latest batch: a series of 33 games and apps that you can get for free, gratis, and nothing. None of these are exactly a must-have, but hey, why not add them to your Amazon account - you can use them on just about any Android device with the external Appstore package. If you bought all of the apps and games on offer today, they'd add up to over $100 USD.


Here are direct links to all the free apps. There are no limits on how many you can download - even just adding them via the desktop web interface will do.



Your mileage may vary as far as availability is concerned. We can only confirm that these free apps are available on the United States version of the Appstore. The free prices will only last today (and possibly tomorrow, it depends on how generous Amazon is being).

Source: Amazon