The Nexus 9 is the new hotness, but last year's Nexus 7 is still a speedy piece of tech. I have one on my desk right now, and I'll vouch for it. The little tablet has handled everything I've thrown at it with ease.

Anyone looking to pick one up may want to hop over to Groupon right this moment. The site is currently offering the Nexus 7 for $149.99, which you can get down to $135 with a coupon code. Just click the big green buy button and enter SALE10 on the checkout page. That will drop the price of the tablet down the expected 15 bucks.

Screenshot 2014-12-29 at 1.23.16 PM

These are new tablets, not used or refurbished models. They're packing 16GB on the inside, which makes $150 a 25% discount on the tablet's usual price (with the extra $15 savings amounting to 32% off). The deal is limited to the continental US, and shipping is free. It's available only while supplies last.

2013 16GB Nexus 7 on Groupon

Via: SlickDeals